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   Philipps Swim Club Hours

     Sunday           11AM - 9PM

     Monday          11AM - 9PM

     Tuesday         11AM - 9PM

     Wednesday   11AM - 9PM

     Thursday        11AM - 9PM

        Friday             11AM - 10PM

     Saturday         11AM - 9PM


Beginning the week of August 22nd, the pool will have shortened hours through the week

 Mon-Thurs 3-9, Fri 3-10, and regular hours on Saturday and Sunday 11-9




(513) 471-2280 (Memorial Day-Labor Day)


(513) 325-4647 (off season)



Look at our fun filled 2016 Calendar!




The Philipps Swim Club is offering a fantastic deal for those interested in joining for the 2017 season:

Current members who renew by Labor Day for next year are guaranteed the 2016 rates and are entered into a Labor Day drawing to have their 2017 dues waived.

New 2017 members who join this season are guaranteed this year's rates, are likewise entered into the drawing, and get full priviliges at the pool for the remainder of this year at no additional charge.

Members who recruit new family memberships into the pool for 2017 are also entitled to a $100 referral bonus.


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