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Philipps Swim Club Family Membership Referral Plan

Since 2011, Philipps has been a “not-for-profit” member operated pool.  Our members annually donate hours of service to pool maintenance in order to keep dues to a minimum.  Our members are also active in promoting membership and recruiting. We offer a $100 referral bonus to any of our members who bring in a new family membership. Below is a description of that program: “ The last sentence on the page should be replaced with: “ Philipps appreciates the loyalty and hard work of its members and encourages them to take advantage of the referral bonus program.

  1. The $100.00 referral bonus is only paid for referrals of new Philipps Swim Club family memberships.  A new family membership is any family membership that was not a member of Philipps Swim club the prior year. 

  2. The referring member(s) must have their dues paid in full prior to being eligible to receive a referral bonus.  Members who do not pay their dues are not eligible for the referral bonus.  Once a new family membership is paid in full, that family membership becomes eligible for new family membership referrals. 

  3. The maximum marketing referral bonus to be received by any individual or family is $599.00 per year.  The referral bonus is paid for the year of the new family membership.

  4. The new family membership must list the referring member on their registration form at the time of registration.  Referrals are for new family memberships only.  The $100.00 referral bonus will not be paid for any prior referrals.  The new family membership must be paid in full for the referring member to receive the referral bonus.

  5. All referral bonuses will be paid by check between July 1st and July 31st of the membership year.  A referral bonus cannot be applied to a member’s membership dues.

  6. Guest passes will no longer be offered as a referral bonus.

  7. Philipps Swim Club Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time.

The Philipps Swim Club Board of Trustees recognizes the incredible members of Philipps Swim Club and encourages all of its members to take advantage of this marketing referral bonus offer.

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